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Important commands to remember

To check mail queue:


To check the user preferences in an account: (to check compromised account)

grep <spammer email> /Library/WebServer/Documents/squirrealmail-1.4.8/data/*pref/

e.g: grep @lottery.comĀ  /Library/WebServer/Documents/squirrealmail-1.4.8/data/*pref/

To check the size of the files in a dir:

du -h (it will give the size in K or Mbytes)

To find files of certain size in a dir:

find . -name +<size in bytes>

e.g: find . -name +100000 (to find file of size bigger than 100Kbytes)

To delete ALL mail queue:

postsuper -d ALL (delete ALL email in queue)

postsuper -d ALL deferred (email yg tidak dapat dihantar)

To compile *.db: postmap <filename>

(e.g postmap header_check)