RMK10 Projek ICT

Dearest itnetters,
Assalamualaikom. Satu lagi yang cict memerlukan feedbacks dari semua adalah berkaitan perancangan untuk RMk10.

CICT is soliciting ideas from Faculties and Units for above matters. We are welcoming suggestions and plans for any IT project, be it departmental in nature or campus wide, which you would love to implement or would like it implemented by us for the next cycle of Malaysian Plan (RMk10). Any suggestion is a good suggestion and will be seriously considered.

Kindly email (write) your ideas/suggestions here or to your IT Manager to bring them up during next JATIT meeting. (Oct 15, 2.30pm)

I thank you very much.
PM Hanizam Sulaiman (Timbalan Pengarah CICT-Academic Computing)

Cadangan setakat ini, sila tambah lagi dengan mengisi borang di bawah, ia akan masuk secara automatik.